About Me

Born in one of the Tollans, I became the class clown early in my life, while brewing a big desire to be an FX artist and play with robots. Now I build the real ones.

I loathe misspellings, albeit I am a sinner myself. Sleeping is an unnecessary human trait for me. I’ve been having fun in the fields of Electronics, Robotics, Education, Autonomous Driving, failed, successful and running Startups. I do all that, because it can be done.

When I’m not playing the roboticist life, I can be found reading history books, having a drink with my pals in a Biergarten, watching tons of films, rambling about politics, or coding something while listening to some great music.

A summarized timeline of my professional experience can be seen in my CV.

This site is to share what I find interesting and/or helpful about Robotics, AI, Engineering or whatever appears around those lines.